Project 59
Our Story

Project 59 exists to offer its owners a slice of British motoring history, in the form of the Project 59 Mini, a sensitive homage to one of the great icons of the 20th century. We are focused not on the adulteration of what is surely one of the world’s most recognisable motor vehicles but rather on its protection.

The road to creating our Mk1 Mini has been a long but rewarding one, working with suppliers from all over the UK to source era-specific parts, in order to create a vehicle worthy of the name Mini.

Vitesse Global, Project 59’s parent company, is an original parts manufacturer based in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The company is best known within the motoring world for making new fit old – seamlessly. Our range of impeccably redesigned Mazda gearboxes fit perfectly in British classics such as the MGA, MGB and V8, and a range of Morgan Motor Company’s iconic vehicles.

Once fitted, our gearboxes turn these vehicles into ‘the car[s] the factory should’ve made but didn’t’.

As well as our range of high-spec gearboxes, we supply a range of petrol and diesel engines to a number of original equipment manufacturers and well-known specialists.

Every task at Vitesse Global, whether refining a gearbox bell housing, developing a new part for one of our long-standing partners or, indeed, painstakingly recreating an original Mk1 Mini, is undertaken with skill, care and above all passion.